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5 Ways to Help

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Youth Support Services

We’ve all heard that it takes a village to raise a child. That’s especially true if that child is without a father, mother or both. These are the kids we’re here for!

After decades of research, the Search Institute has broken that “village” a child needs into 20 EXTERNAL assets, such as mentoring, tutoring and positive peers, and 20 INTERNAL assets, such as motivation, good decisions and a future purpose.

Our vision is that every social service agency, business providing internships, school district and volunteer mentor and tutor in Oshkosh finds themselves providing branches on this “assets tree.”. We’ve seen that, together, we can support our children through school, into post-secondary training, career placement and a self-sustaining life.

What asset can you provide?
Please view the List of Assets at: https://page.search-institute.org/40-developmental-assets

You may provide a relationship, material help or a donation. Together we can make the difference of a lifetime!

5 Ways to Help

It takes a community to raise a child, but unless that community is connected and working together, that child will rarely receive the human and financial resources they need. We want to help you find a good and satisfying way to make a difference. Start by listening and connecting with what children and youth say they need most from adults.

If you are personable, patient and resourceful, be assured that a caring friend who has connections can be a profound source of help and hope to a struggling family. Homework help or safe recreational opportunities, for example, can take a load off a working single mother’s mind. 

Contact us, and if we don’t have an immediate opportunity at the Tiny House Village, we may refer you to our partners in the school district for tutoring, or The Boys and Girls Club for mentoring. 

Do you know a good-hearted area landlord or business owner you could introduce to us who may be willing to house or hire one of our appreciative and hard-working family members? Telling your network of relationships about us may be the most valuable contribution you could make!

We are always looking for the following new donations for the Tiny House Village:
  • Pillows
  • Sheets
  • Blankets
  • Bedspreads in size full or twins
  • Bath towels
  • Outside doormats
  • Gift cards


Please use the contact form to notify us and we work with you to help supply our families. 

Additionally, if you have any quality and clean material donations, from bikes and clothes to furniture, please contact us and we will connect you with a community organization to ensure items get to those who need them.

In 2022, we helped 72 kids and 130 people with emergency housing, rent assistance and security deposits. Sometimes that’s just enough to help a single mom get her family on its feet, and back to work, until she receives that first employment check.

Check the Events page for our upcoming fundraisers. Can you help with one of these events? We are also taking donations of prizes for our raffle and auction!

Mother playing with her daughter.

Become a Community Partner or Sponsor

The Oshkosh Kids Foundation provides a simple needs assessment, helping struggling children and families find the emergency help they need, and navigate the wide stream of compassion in Oshkosh. These are just some of our generous partners.

Join us in going deeper to understand the many needs around us, the investments that pay the greatest dividends, the internal and external assets children need to pull themselves up and how you can help!

  • Oshkosh Area School District
  • Oshkosh Community Food Pantry
  • LaQuinta Motel
  • Heroes of Oshkosh
  • Pine Investment Properties
  • North Pointe Development
  • Quill Creative
  • Thundera Multimedia
  • Forward Services
  • Cherith International
  • Jake’s Network of Hope
  • Lutheran Churches of Oshkosh
  • Most Blessed Sacrament Parishes
  • Motel 6
  • Oshkosh Community Bike Program
  • Oshkosh Corporation
  • Super 8 Motel
  • Jackson Square Apartments
  • Badger Sportsman
  • Big Snow Resorts
  • 4Imprint
  • O-Town Iron
  • West Side Tire & Auto
  • Nolte’s
  • Winnebago County Connect
  • Advocate
  • Oshkosh Housing Authority
  • Zaronis
  • Run Away Shoes
  • Mira Vida Living
  • Cassie Andreni hair
  • Rocky Rococo’s
  • Oshkosh Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce
  • City of Oshkosh
  • Christine Anne Center
  • Mark and Susie’s Piggly Wiggly
  • Wegner’s Market
  • Bowenstreet Repeats
  • Barley and Hops
  • Oshkosh Community Foundation
  • Chet Wesenberg Architecture
  • Nate Olsen Law
  • Lutheran Food Pantry

Platinum Category: ($5,000 or more)

  • Nicolet National Bank
  • OEC Graphics
  • North Pointe Development
  • Battle on Bago
  • JEK Foundation
  • Wilson and Jane Jones
  • Corey Brumbaugh


Gold Category: ($1,000-4,999)

  • Dan and Patti Shea
  • Jan Anderson 
  • Barley and Hops Group
  • Lapham-Hickey Steel
  • Omni Glass
  • Werner Electric
  • Badger Mill Supply
  • Luedtke Estate
  • Peace Lutheran Church-Oshkosh
  • Jim Erdman 
  • Ryan Ramthun 
  • Lurton Blassingame
  • John Krause 
  • D.R. Hansen Plumbing 
  • The Hangar Bar and Grill 
  • Wayne and Sue Traska 
  • Erik and Erin Gialdella  
  • GEMS Womens Giving Group 
  • Corcoran Glass & Paint
  • Corcoran Group and Family
  • NTD
  • Quality Truck Care Center
  • Tom and Carol Joseph
  • Stephanie and Adam Geurts
  • Suttner Accounting
  • Carolyn Edgarton


Silver Category: ($250-999)

  • Clover
  • League of Her Own Fantasy Football Ladies
  • Compassion Creamery
  • Garth Larson 
  • Oshkosh North Class of 82
  • Marj and Don Griffing
  • Amy Dumke
  • Jeffrey Schettl 
  • Dan Van Bommel 
  • Tony Welnicke 
  • Horicon Bank
  • Quandt Plumbing
  • St. Pete’s Yoga Ladies
  • Michelle Fitzpatrick Family 
  • Mark and Tracey Moats
  • O’Neil Cannon Law
  • Propel
  • Rod and Patti Oilschlager
  • Southwest Rotary
  • L. Lasky Family 
  • Our Savior Lutheran Church-Oshkosh
  • Julie Claybaugh in Memory of Margaret Daufen
  • Barbara and Don Schneider 
  • Curt Stam
  • M. Munson
  • Gereau Family
  • Scott Cameron
  • Maddie Dumke
  • Eric Vogt
  • Roger and Sylvia Gasser
  • Dustin Smith
  • Jon Doemel (aka Josh Demel)
  • Kay Weber
  • Rick Peterson
  • Barbara and Boots Spellman