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Tiny House Village

Your support makes a big impact.

Multiple hands holding a tiny house.

What the Tiny House Village can offer...

  • A short term, safe and stable house for children and their families currently experiencing homelessness

  • Life, financial, employability and home management skills in a community environment

  • Housing combined with required services and education

  • A safe place for those waiting for affordable housing to become available
Rendering of the Tiny House Village in Oshkosh, WI.

Help us turn these houses into homes.

We are asking you to donate part or all of the furnishings for our 32 houses. This donation will allow residents to focus on their loved ones and begin the journey of rebuilding.


Over the past decade, the Department of Public Instruction has documented approximately 175 homeless children annually. Providing children with safe, stable housing improves academic performance, reduces behavior issues and saves the school district funding.

The ACC Management Group will provide property management services, which includes tenant screening, application, lease issuance, lease enforcement and repairs/maintenance. ACC has a long and successful track record of managing affordable housing projects around the state, and the Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development (WPHD) and ACC have partnered on projects for many years.

The THV is for homeless families who need safe, stable housing. Families will live there for up to two years while they rebuild and stabilize. The THV will help them develop the necessary resources to move to permanent housing, whether that is subsidized or market rate housing.

2-4 individuals. The maximum occupancy for each unit would be four persons; however, we expect most families to be in the two to three person range.

No. The project was not designed for single occupants. The project’s financials do not support single occupants, nor are any of the partners looking to operate this project as a single-occupant project. It is possible that, from time to time, a resident could be living alone as children age out, move out, have a change in custodial arrangements, etc. However, these would be transitory conditions.

The THV will be jointly owned by the Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development (WPHD) and the Oshkosh Kids Foundation (OKF) via a to-be-formed nonprofit limited liability corporation. The WPHD will maintain primary responsibility for ownership and operation, while the OKF will be the minority partner.

Yes. One staff person, an ACC employee, will  live on-site in a slightly larger unit. The position will work to create community among the residents, liaison with neighbors and the Oshkosh community, create celebrations and events for the residents of the village and be a resource for tenants, neighbors, partners and funders. Additionally, this person will operate the Community Center. This position will work closely with the ADVOCAP Case Manager.

ADVOCAP and ACC Management Group