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Co-Founder, Executive Director, Oshkosh Kids Foundation

Julie Dumke

Julie Dumke is a retired teacher from the Oshkosh Area School District with 34 years of educational experience. Throughout that time she served as a middle school science teacher, grant writer, Resource Coordinator and peer coach; taught teaching methods to other teachers; was a co-founder and coordinator for the Communities Program at ONHS, and ran the District’s Education Foundation.

Julie was born and raised in Oshkosh and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She serves on several committees that support and celebrate education. Her strong passion for kids and the City of Oshkosh fostered her desire to help start the Oshkosh Kids Foundation. Julie is a visionary who works to help those in need within the Oshkosh community. She believes by giving the kids a hand up, we can help to break the cycle of poverty and work towards making Oshkosh a great place for all to live.

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