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Newsmaker Sunday: Taking a look at the Oshkosh tiny home village for the homeless

Featured on WFRV Local 5

(WFRV)- In June, Winnebago County created a plan to distribute $10.35 million from a Neighborhood Reinvestment Fund Grant, which is currently being used by the Oshkosh Kids Foundation.

Will Deppiesse, the president of the Oshkosh Kids Foundation joined Newsmaker Sunday to talk about the tiny homes village that will be built in Oshkosh.

The village is designed to help out struggling families and will accommodate two to four occupants. “In the past ten years, we’ve averaged over 175 homeless children in the Oshkosh Area School District,” said Deppiesse. “As of a couple of months ago, we had 49 families who were approved for rental assistance but didn’t have a place to go into. So there is an absolute need for affordable housing for families in this community.”

The 32 units of these homes will be centered around a community center. The community center will have laundry units and a larger kitchen. It will also be the location of programming for the residents, which will be provided by non-profits in the area.